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Nicky believes the conversation needs to stop revolving around the candidates and elected officials. They are not the stars of American politics. They, if they are doing their jobs right, are not the decision-makers. They are conduits for your needs and interests. Their job is to make sure that your opinion is the driving force in the decision-making process.


That is why Nicky is running to represent the people of Colorado’s 5th House District: to be a leader in that vital paradigm shift.


Nicky is eager to sit down with every individual in the district and discuss how you can exercise your right to shape your country. Our collective investment is what will maintain our nation's place as a beacon of hope and progress for the rest of the world.


The only way to restore Americans’ faith in their institutions is to go directly into the communities and empower individuals to retake their slice of ownership over this country.


To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, Aesop, and so many others: We must rise together, or we will surely fall apart. It’s time to fight for unity or we will continue to factionalize and to blame the factions with whom we don’t identify for our national failings, until the United States of  America laid out in our Constitution is lost to the past.


Our country depends on every one of us. Colorado depends on every one of us. Together, we will rise above our individual selves for the betterment of families, communities, and dreams that lead us toward progress and continued American greatness.


          Nicky moved to Colorado at the age of twenty-two to study at the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies. In his work for progressive causes and candidates over the course of the last ten years he’s met thousands of Coloradans in communities across the Metro area and he’s fallen in love with the state that so many call home.

        Nicky has been a fighter for progressive reform for as long as he can remember, going back to his childhood in one of the most conservative counties in the United States: Montgomery County, Texas.

        Nicky’s first major foray into Democratic politics came in his senior year of high school, when he embarked on a mission to expand the scope of political discourse within the solidly Republican student body at the tiny school he attended.

        During the 2016 election, he had the honor of leading canvassing efforts for Planned Parenthood and Colorado Latinos Rise across the Denver Metro area. Twenty years of life experience and community organizing only strengthened Nicky’s resolve to champion the rights of women, minorities, and any other group of individuals unjustly restricted from making their own personal life determinations.

        Nicky believes the slogan “Colorado Depends on You” embodies the spirit that we are in this to support one another, enriching our lives to the greatest possible extent. Effective elections and good governance start not with candidates and elected officials but with the hopes, dreams, ideas, and innovation of the people we aim to represent.


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        Renewable energy is the wave of the future and Colorado, with vast, undeveloped expanses in the San Luis Valley receiving over 320 days of sunshine a year, can be the national leader in that effort.

        Nicky envisions developing five to ten square miles of state-administered land into a massive renewable energy farm taking advantage of the latest solar, wind, and biomass technologies with additional facilities for: 1) Research into renewable energy, 2) Retraining and job placement for individuals making the transition into Green Collar jobs, and 3) Visitation and guided tours for individuals and families from around the world to learn about solar farming and our renewable future.

          Simultaneously functioning as a state park, Solar State’s tourist revenue will be directed to finally providing permanent State General Funds to road maintenance up to a cap, beyond which remaining revenue will go toward maintaining universal health care for Coloradans. Energy revenue will go toward maintenance of Solar State and paying back the construction costs.




        One of the most rewarding experiences of Nicky’s life was the opportunity to serve as Canvass Director for the Colorado Latinos Rise program during the 2016 elections. Nicky believes the interests of any group are best served by recruiting a diverse and sincere coalition which can look at a minority group exposed to unjust dilemmas they might not share themselves and be able to say: What is happening to these people is wrong, and we’re not going to stand for it.

        Therefore, a hallmark of Nicky’s legislative efforts will be to find ways to empower and lift up minorities in HD5 and across Colorado to proudly exercise their skills and voices to foster a nation that works for all of us.

        Nicky’s grandmother immigrated to this country after a harrowing escape from The Hague, Netherlands. She witnessed the death of her father at the hands of the Nazis before her family fled to a refugee camp in Dutch Guiana, eventually making it to Washington, D.C. There, she met Bernard Yollick, a Canadian immigrant and ENT doctor, and through his medical expertise and the sharing of her Holocaust experiences they contributed a great deal to the North Dallas community where they raised a family and lived together into old age.”

        Immigrants and refugees have the potential to contribute so much to this country. Minorities must be allowed to work for their families and contribute to our society without being harassed because of the color of their skin. Colorado depends on all of us to defend these rights and promote a community grounded in understanding and decency.



        As a survivor of childhood leukemia, Nicky understands the importance of a reliable and consistent system of healthcare. If Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress get their way, Colorado must prepare for a potential Federal Healthcare Gap by passing legislation which would divert funds into an account so that we can maintain access to health care for as many of the 400,000 Coloradans dependent on ACA Medicaid subsidies as possible.

         Long-term stability in health care can best be realized through a state-based single-payer program. There are a number of different ways to fund this, but Nicky envisions as much revenue as possible to be generated through other projects, such as Solar State, Colorado, which would allow us to avoid raising taxes.



        In recent years, public schools in Denver and across Colorado have come under attack from wealthy groups outside of our state determined to see public education chipped away in favor of charter schools and voucher programs. These groups are pumping millions of dollars into supporting the campaigns of individuals prioritizing an ideology based on taking funding for public education and putting it toward private entities, rather than improving schools which offer access to all.


        1) Coloradans must commit to supporting our teachers and the unions that back them. Teachers need to be provided with the necessary resources to educate children, and their voices should guide our academic framework.

        2) School board elections must be reined in by creating caps on individual donations, as is the case with just about every other type of political office. This can be done by passing legislation which creates an absolute cap on individual donations for all elections statewide.


Colorado depends on you, and this campaign depends on your support to spread a message of inclusion and empowerment to deliver American decision-making power back to the people! Your donation will help us to reach more voters and expand our campaign presence so we can make Colorado a better place. Thank you for your support!




November 13, 2017 - Nicky Yollick, Colorado Politics


Over the last several years, a massive influx of funding from individuals and groups outside of Colorado has transformed the school board, restricting parents and teachers from having a reasonable say in which direction the Denver Public Schools board goes. Oftentimes, these organizations prioritize advancing a national “reform” ideology over the needs of Denver’s students. All of this has resulted in a deterioration of our public schools in favor of semi-private options which are not financially feasible for the general populace.

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August 10, 2017 - Colorado Capitol Watch


"Contenders in the 5th District are corporate executive Meghan Nutting, businessman Alex Valdez and political organizer Nicky Yollick."

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